My Gym Morning Routine - Pre and Post Workout Skincare
My Gym Morning Routine - Pre and Post Workout Skincare
My Gym Morning Routine - Pre and Post Workout Skincare

Post Workout Skincare

Every part of your body is important. I disagree with people who seem to attach more importance to one part over the other in term of health and care; you shouldn’t make that mistake. Give you your skin, in the same measure you give to your body for balance.

Anytime you have your gym session for physical fitness, remember that you just expelled millions of toxins out of your body and your skin will be the reluctant recipient. Therefore, to complete the expulsion, you need to take care of your skins as well. Exercising without proper skin care will leave you with dilapidated skin that won’t worth a cent in the market.

Before you want to ask Serena Williams how she’s doing it to maintain a good sporting health and beautiful skin, I have a good skincare workout for you to keep your skin glowing and looking beautiful always.

workout skin care

Why you need skincare workout

Millions of expelled toxins are deposited on your skin after your gym session, isn’t this a good reason to take care of your skin? If you don’t, you will be making health pros, advising that you have a good workout plan for optimum health liars.  But know this, there is always the end of every story, this article is the end to the advice to get a good gym work done on your body; while the gym keeps you healthy, let the skincare workout take care of your skin health.

Pre workout skincare

Before going for your workout, you need to prepare ahead how to deal with the sweat and keep your pores clean. Observing pre-workout skincare activity ensures you are not caught unprepared in your daily workout routine. For your pre-workout preparatory chores, observe the following:

•    Wash your face. The number one thing you do before going to the gym in the morning is to remove any makeup on your face by washing your face well to ensure a clean start. By removing your makeup, it will prevent clogging the skin pores and free your face from breakouts and other skin blemishes.

Now, remember this, after washing your face before starting your workout you are not to apply any cream but use moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated throughout the exercise. While exercising, you tend to lose much water that may leave you dehydrated which is not good for your skin but using a moisturizer will prevent dehydration and keep your skin in good texture.

•    Use sunscreen. Depending on where you will be doing your workout, if it’s outdoor, you want to apply some sunscreen as part of your pre-workout preparatory chores to protect your skin from the sun. Also, make sure to carry in your gym bag, some disposable makeup wipes for use during a workout.

•    Sanitize your workout machines and equipment. One faster way to pick up germs is in the gym because the unsanitary condition of most equipment and tools used in the gym. For your skin sake, you need to pay particular notice to how you touch or use any item and using the same hand on your face. To be on the safe side, get a sanitary solution and wipe all equipment you want o use before starting your day.

•    Take your time to go through your pre-workout skincare chores. Before you start the gym activities, it is crucial to go through your pre-workout skincare routine for the sake of protecting your skin after your exercise.

The above are preparatory things you need to do before hitting the gym machines and doing your workout. Such preparations help you protect your skin sufficiently throughout the workout.

post workout skin care

Post workout skincare

After your morning gym routine, there are things you need to do to protect your skin just like you did before the gym. Post workout skincare routine needs to factor in your whole day skincare needs. At this time, you are not just focusing on your face; your entire body is your focus.

Immediately after your workout, you want to restrain your hands from going freely on your face to wipe away sweat or for any other reason for that matter. The reason is that soon after your gym work, your skin pores are fully opened and are grounds for bacterial and fungal infection. While it is necessary your clean your face of sweat, make sure to use your clean and dry gym towel to do the cleaning. Doing the cleaning doesn’t mean scrubbing your face with a towel, but to gently pat your face and neck areas dry.

Change of cloth should be next, but make sure to keep a different laundry bag to keep your sweaty gym material for the laundry at home. Please don’t lump your gym cloth with other waiting laundry-bound cloth at home. Then change into something dry and cotton texture cloth and also something that has the space to let some fresh air into your body.


You should head straight for the cleaning. Soon after your workout, you need to have a warm bath with sufficient water to wash away all dirt picked at the gym and removed all clogged pores that may result in acne and blackheads in the future. You need to cleanup within 30 minutes of finishing your gym work so as to get rid of potential harm to your skin.

Go for your skincare routine proper

After taking a warm shower soon after your workout, it’s time for you to hit the dressing table to observe your skincare routine for the day. What should take priority in your post workout skincare is to cleanse your face and neck areas sufficiently to ward off any potential skin trouble. Whether you are preparing for work or other outing events or you just want to spend the remaining part of your day at home, cleansing your face is necessary chore to do in all your daily routine. For this part, you need to get tested cleaning products that will defend you against any skin trouble.

You need good skincare products

Never undermine the power of good skin care routine for your skin. Getting great products specifically formulated to hydrate your skin and protect it against free radicals will help you to maintain a healthy skin always.

My parting recommendation is for you to continue observing regular gym morning routine and follow up with impeccable pre and post workout skincare routine for radiant and shining skin. You can look through Pure Tropix range of skincare products here to pick relevant products that will make your skin remain in health all year round.

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